Humble Juice

Humble Juice


This little number is a slice of heaven for your ego. Think refreshing, calming and a soothing peace of mind for a relaxed sip session. Our Humble Blend promotes a calm vibe while adding a little zing with apple and ginger to bring out the flavours of passionflower and lemon balm. This will be your new favourite morning go-to.


            HUMBLE BLEND

            SLICED APPLE

            GRATED GINGER

            GRATED LEMON




ADD 4 TSP of HUMBLE to 250ml of Hot Water

Steep HUMBLE Tea in pot of hot water for 8-10mins for flavours to release.

Remove tea strainer. 
Add apple, ginger, lemon and honey to the hot water brew.
Press and muddle the fruit in the water.

Place the hot brew into the fridge and allow to chill.
Once chilled – remove from fridge and pour into a 1Litre Jug.
Add ice cubes and Apple Juice

* Garnish with a sprig of lavender and wedges of lemon

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