Karma for Karen

Karma for Karen


This sassy little number is sure to help. you sit back and let Karma do it's job! With a wild mixture of berries infused into our Karma blend of Organic rose petals, organic liquorice, organic spearmint, organic hibiscus and organic lavender with a sprtiz of fizz - you will be asking where this little tea infusion has been your whole life.


            KARMA BLEND







ADD 4 TSP of KARMA to 250ml of Hot Water

Steep KARMA Tea in pot of hot water for 8-10mins for flavours to release.

Remove tea strainer. 
Add all of the mixed berries and press and muddle the fruit in the water.


Place the hot brew into the fridge and allow to chill.
Once chilled – remove from fridge and pour into a 1Litre Jug.
Add ice cubes and top with lemonade

* Garnish with a wedge of lime and mixed berries.

*Fresh roses or petals can be used to garnish this Iced Brew.

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