Revenge - Best Served Cold

Revenge - Best Served Cold


Revenge - a cup best served cold. And trust us Revenge has never tasted so sweet with a sugary base of lemonade, a dash of berries and a pear to level out the explosion of flavour, this cup definitely says "don't get mad bish - get everything."


            REVENGE BLEND

            SLICED PEAR



            VANILLA BEAN



ADD 4 TSP of Revenge to 250ml of Hot Water

Steep Revenge Tea in pot of hot water for 8-10mins for flavours to release.

Remove tea strainer. 
Add half the amount of pear, strawberries and raspberries to the hot water brew.
Press and muddle the fruit in the water.


Place the hot brew into the fridge and allow to chill.
Once chilled – remove from fridge and pour into a 1Litre Jug.
Add ice cubes, vanilla bean (to taste), the remaining fruit and top with lemonade

* Garnish with a wedge of lemon and lime, edible flowers or your favourite fruits.

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