Feel Good Bish Kit


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The ULTIMATE pack to make you FEEL GOOD BISH | 28 Day Kit

4 Blends each in a 25gm Sampler Size:

☕️  HUMBLE to help you sleep
Organic Ingredients: chamomile flowers, lemon balm, lavender, spearmint leaves, passionflower.

☕️  MOODY to help those arvo vibes
Organic Ingredients: spearmint, blue butterfly pea flower, elderflower, lavender, rose petals, jasmine buds

☕️ PRETTY to help your skin glow
Organic Ingredients: burdock root, dandelion leaf,  red clover, cardamom pods, and calendula petals.

☕️  SASSY to detox all the sh%t we love to snack on
Organic Ingredients: nettle, spearmint leaves, burdock root, liquorice, lemongrass, fennel and calendula petals.

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