About Two Bishes Teahouse

We are Rylee and Rhi aka Two Bishes Building this Teahouse...

Hola Bishes.....we are just two bishes building a teahouse. We are tea lovers, plant hoarders and doggo enthusiasts. We are the Co-Bishes of this teahouse, Rylee Venables and Rhi Johnson - two best friends who decided that we absolutely love a good tea session while we plot plans and World Domination. 

Our Motto
We believe the the best medicine for our mental health is slowing down and spending sometime with your bestie and what better way to do it than with a cup of herbal and floral goodies that promotes all the healthy things in life. Mental Health matters and we are challenging everyone to slow down more often, pick up the phone and pick up the cup - your besties will thank you for it.

Our Mission
To connect more friends daily for a vent, a laugh and a reminder that someone has their back and well you bring the friends and we will supply the brew...

Learn More about Rylee and Rhi
We are also known as Wolf and Geek - Creators | Innovators and Motivators - to read more about our bigger mission and what we do go to www.wolfandgeek.com.au